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How To Get The Most Value Out Of Complex Business Valuation

Key factors to keep in mind when complex business valuation will be part of your California divorce include:

  • What type of business structure you own in whole or in part
  • When the business was started
  • What roles you and your spouse have had in the business
  • What the most up-to-date laws about your type of business have to say about ownership in case of divorce
  • What agreements you put in place with partners or shareholders of the business when it began or when you became a partner or shareholder
  • How to prevent disruption to business operations during the business valuation and asset division
  • Who can best determine the fair market value of the business and of your assets in particular

For Your Future And For The Integrity Of Your Business

Asset division in your high-asset divorce may have a great impact on not only your and your spouse’s personal financial status, but also on the integrity and health of the business. For this reason, you naturally want to work with a family law attorney with extensive experience of this aspect of divorce. It is not recommended that you choose your divorce lawyer without taking this issue into careful consideration.

Ricklin & Associates in Westlake Village is a smart choice for business owners in and around the greater Los Angeles area. I am attorney Steve Ricklin and I have in-depth knowledge of complex business valuation and asset division.

Valuing Assets Including Sub-Chapter S Corporations

In particular, I have helped many clients with valuation and division of assets in sub-chapter S corporations. I realize your S corporation may be your largest asset — even more valuable than your marital home or bank accounts, perhaps. I am also aware of the likelihood of controversy in complex business valuation.

I am sensitive to clients’ desire to avoid unnecessary legal fees if repeat business valuation should become necessary. Therefore, I take steps to ensure that business valuation for my clients’ S corporations and other types of businesses is objectively verifiable and well documented.

Assuming the terms of your divorce will require you to divide business assets with your spouse, you will need professional advice before determining which method will apply:

  • Transferring shares of the company to your spouse or
  • Selling shares and dividing the cash assets

This general discussion about business valuation, S corporations and asset division may not apply to your unique circumstances. It is imperative that you work closely with a knowledgeable family law attorney with comprehensive insights into business law, taxation and related issues. I welcome your inquiry so you can determine for yourself whether I am the right divorce lawyer to tackle your complex business valuation issues.

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