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When A Court Order Needs Modifying

Your divorce decree may say it is final, but family life goes on in different forms after a separation, divorce or issuance of child custody, visitation and child support orders. When life circumstances change significantly, there may be cause to bring a petition before a family law court asking for modification of a court order.

Move-aways, Income Changes And Other Reasons For Modification Of Court Orders

A post-judgment modification may be appropriate in your case:

  • When a parent needs to move
  • When a military parent is deployed abroad
  • When job schedules have changed significantly
  • When incomes and/or expenses of one or both parents have significantly increased or decreased

Those are common reasons to ask for modification of a child custody or child support order. You or your ex-spouse, whoever is paying spousal support, may seek a modification because of remarriage or cohabitation. Or, you may want to appeal your divorce decree after learning that your spouse had hidden assets before the divorce.

All these examples describe cases that have taken court orders back to court for modification. What about your case? Whatever you or your ex-spouse seeks to modify requires close consideration.

How To Pursue Or Fight A Custody Modification Or Spousal Support Modification

When you or the other parent seeks a parenting time or support modification, discussing it between the two of you may seem to be the logical first step. At Ricklin & Associates in Westlake Village, we would caution you against this approach. Rather, discuss the matter with a knowledgeable lawyer so you can devise an effective plan to ask for or go up against the proposed modification. Your case may go more smoothly when you have gathered the right evidence and prepared your arguments with an attorney’s help.

Our California family law firm has helped many people in the Los Angeles and Ventura County area to resolve legal disputes over modifications and other issues. We welcome you to call or email us to discuss your concerns and options. Call 805-267-1132, or complete our online intake form to schedule a consultation.


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